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Our Team

Our Team

Meet our highly skilled experts

Karen DeYoung headshot

Karen DeYoung, M.Ed., President and CEO

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Karen DeYoung is an experienced consultant with a passion for driving growth and enhancing performance. She founded DeYoung Consulting with the goal of helping businesses achieve sustainable results and creating long-term value. Her expertise spans a wide range of industries, and she is committed to amplifying voices and bringing about inspirational change, particularly within BIPOC communities, non-profits, local governments, and higher education. 

Ayodeji Oyebola headshot

Ayodeji Emmanuel Oyebola, Senior Consultant

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Ayo is a leadership and process enthusiast who believes that organizational goals can be achieved through efficiency and effective leadership. His expertise lies in change management, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Vanessa Steele headshot

Vanessa Steele, M.Ed., Evaluation Consultant

Vanessa has worked as an internal and independent program evaluator and applied researcher for 15 years for education, arts and human service organizations in the Twin Cities. She has worked in PreK-12 and higher education settings for more than 25 years developing and implementing outreach, community-based research, and professional development programs.  Vanessa specializes in qualitative research methods, educational program and curriculum design in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, ethnic and critical studies.

Amy Snetting headshot

Amy Snetting,
Project Manger

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Anna Peters headshot

Anna Peters, M.Ed., Senior Consultant

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Anna’s 20 years of experience includes consulting, facilitation, training, and management. Her expertise lies in leading strategic processes and facilitating inclusive and equitable engagement, building mutual understanding and organizational effectiveness.

Karla Hill-Donish screenshot

Karla Hill-Donisch, M.A., Senior Consultant

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Karla has worked for 20+ years as a mentor and trainer on issues ranging from diversity, equity, and inclusion, to change management and facilitation. She is a licensed practitioner for Insights Discovery. Her career has focused on her passion to build healthy teams and engage underrepresented communities, especially within nonprofits, community groups, and government organizations.

Chris Jones headshot

Christopher Jones,
Project Manager

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In this role, Christopher supports the vision of his clients from beginning to end by building and establishing strong relationships, understanding their complex business needs, and ensuring compliance and the successful completion of projects on time and within budget and scope. Chris has the foresight to see potential challenges early and ensure that those challenges never negatively impact a project. Chris supports the process, the team and the client in order to achieve results.

Amy has a passion for process and workflow improvement and an eye for hidden details. Amy’s natural tendency is to collaborate while threading information together from multiple sources, capturing project details and serving as a funnel of information between the client and the consulting team.

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